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  Our company provides full service for Heat insulation of pipelines and technological equipment.

Taking to attention the importance of introducing into the economy of our country, we use only effective energy-savings techniques. "FAKT" when working on heat insulation uses modern technology and materials for this purpose. All materials that we use are certified.

Technology of the performance of heat insulation requires, most importantly, our use of protective coverage so no damage is done to heat insulated base. As of today, we have extensive experience in providing protective heat insulation. The making for the covers of protective materials is made of thin metal, such as, galvanized iron, aluminum metal and fusions, and stainless steel metal.

As a base for our pricing policy at "FAKT", we use prices under the codes and regulations provided by the Government Ministry of Building standards and rates.

As our goal, to each client and customer, and accounting for all their wishes for completion of tasks and projects, "FAKT" has flexible price policies, for each individual. These obligations do include completion of work estimated in our projected schedule work time.