FAKT - insulation Pipelines for different purposes Capacity containers Gas-pipelines Steam collectors Smoke-stacks
  "FAKT" was founded in 1994. Our company specializes in and performs all kinds of Hot/Cold insulation of: pipelines and technological equipment in industry and different social spheres.

"FAKT" became one of the first companies in Kiev, Ukraine to be privately owned and operated that specialize in this service. During our time of operation, our company has compiled so much experience, that we work only with the most qualified, most knowledgeable and experienced people here at "FAKT". This reflects the high quality of work we perform.

For the period of our existence on the market some of our clients have included large food and pharmaceutical industries, building organizations, banks, hotels, and governmental offices.

Our work at "FAKT" at these facilities has become very well known. Our reputation stands. All work at "FAKT" is licensed by the Laws of Ukraine, and answers all the requirements and legislations made to pass all governmental inspections. (Government License #AB512194 23.02.2010).